Decommissioning Oil & Gas Dundee – 14th June 2017 

July 7th 2017

Decom Dundee/Tayside – REALITIES

As an interactive evening of knowledge sharing, eye opening, myth dispelling and straight talking, this night ranked high as a worthwhile TEN event!

Our presenters gave an overview of their organisations, plans and current workloads, together with an insight into their take on “decom” and how it will affect Dundee/Tayside, not ignoring the larger national/international stage either.

Following these talks, the presenters formed a panel to receive questions from the open forum to allow the obvious questions to be posed and fielded. Interesting talks and ultimately interesting connections were made throughout.




  • Jaibo Palmer from Augean: 
  • PRESENTATION: Augean – NORM & Hazardous Waste Management Overview – June 2017


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